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Ännu en Örebrobil i lågor

Efter anonymt tips:

“Klockan var strax efter två när polis och räddningstjänst kallades till en parkering på Varbergagatan. Där brann en bil för fullt sedan någon krossat en ruta och tänt eld på kupén. Polisen rubricerar händelsen som skadegörelse genom brand.”

Såväl text som bild hämtad ifrån (

The Nihilist Abyss (Edizioni Cerbero)

The Nihilist Abyss (Edizioni Cerbero)

In the field of psychopathology, ‘nihilist delirium’ represents the negation of personality and/or the negation of one’s own body or of the surrounding world.
This text draws inspiration from the study of psychopathology, not to look for a problem concerning an alleged disease to be cured but to look for the eradication of so called ‘normality’ in the nihilistegoist field, a question that seems to interest so much the anarchists totally immersed – and in a
totalitarian way – in the social and in their ‘concreteness’.
The plunging of the nihilist dagger – as marked in ‘vertex abyss’ [Vertice Abisso] – sticks in the hands of those who, as individuals, do not want to surrender to the easy absolutizations of society and of the above mentioned ‘social’ anarchists; the dagger is placed in the hands of the individual
who elevates himself above ‘everything’.
Relativism permeates the nihilist research that wants to penetrate in the rotten flesh of motionless determined thought, typical of adduced morality.
Nihilism does not surrender and by detecting its egoism it destabilizes any convention permeating human thought.
Any value that falls down elevates the singularity of one’s existence to a new life.
No limit has a limit.

‘Miserable and ephemeral offspring, child of chance and pain, why do you compel me to tell you what you’d better not hear?

The best is absolutely unreachable to you: not to be born, not ‘to be’, to be nothing.

But secondly the best thing for you is to die soon.’

‘Dialogue between King Midas and the Silenus demon’, ‘The Birth of Tragedy’, F. Nietzsche.

The nothingness wraps our thoughts.

The nothingness turns our thoughts.

The nothingness changes and nods our thoughts in a chaotic spiral in the absence of a codified form.

The volitional interpretation goes to the roots of the ‘perspective’ and in search of the essence of the eradication of the mark-code coagulated in an extemporal movement.

The bodily vision squirts in a penetrating deformation – affirming itself in the individual who expresses signs of nihilistic delirium: delirious deepness in the surrounding reality.

The crack of experience resurfaces from a superstructure extended in the inoculated ramifications in contact with the sewage drainage called ‘society’.
Penetration involves firm and motionless moments in an in-distinction in search of medicalbehavioural voluptuousness.

The transfusion of vital synchronic drives blocks and expands in a continuous becoming, and in a continuous search for the limit of experience.
Concreteness articulated in the moral laws of man inhibits any motion carrying one’s own will. Medicament demands the assumption of mass-dogmatic rules.

The composition of the sub-inducing elements decriminalizes any decomposed motion and perception sinks into a nihilist abyss.
No clear sign in the negation of the sign itself: the sign composes by decomposing the codification elaborated by artifactual experiences inside the vital ganglia of the society-system.

The sign does not affirm anything because it is nothingness that eradicates itself in a nihilist delirium, and the destructive chaos destabilizes the belonging and nullifies the nothingness.

The ongoing process in an assumption of compulsive penetration deposes elements that tend at the realization of the interpretation of the discontinuous sign, and to align in a persistent interposition of non-belonging.

Hypothesis modulates interposition: hypothesis is the rule of the context of the contextual form in the coercion of incisions of derivative attitudes.
The perishable is a hypothetic-worn act of visualized expressions.
The hypothesis-vision dominates the context in the hypotactic incurring, which appears in conflict with the dismemberment of deviated drives in reflections of destructive explanation.

The conflict spurs and assumes paradigmatic forms in relief and in an assumption of rivalry.

The self excites the ego by pushing the latter towards annihilating chaos.

The grinding triumph of one’s own self is consumed in anodyne appearance.

The debauchery wants annihilation and the suspension of a nihilist delirium: in deforming, spastic and formless visions, the self-destructive perversion unravels in orgasmic nightmares, and the explanation tears occluding concepts-axioms.

Compulsive, the symptom researches and accentuates the orgasmic nightmare in an a-form in which dominion on the body is broken by expelling the vital drives in a zero pretending to annihilate, and the nothingness reflects the void of the nullifying nothingness: desire and conflict emerge in a
desperate breath of death.

Death is looked after and inhales the disgusting masturbation and torment of a body in order to elevate it to a new life in a non life.

The non life is to live the void of a neurosis that attains the nihilist act.

The trauma breaks and annihilates the mnemonic and motionless ‘thought’ in an erogenous convulsion in the centre of one’s own self towards the ego and towards the self.

The convulsion designs destabilizing and stratified fragments in abyssal winces that sink social peace in an annihilating gait.

The trauma looks for the images of a body battered by delirium and transfuses the image in a moving sequence of hallucinations in continuous excitations that turn any sign of reconciliation upside down: the latent conflict comes to the surface and overwhelms the motionless thought.
Nausea for life must be evirated in this way and the blood liberates its effluvium of hypothesis: the carcass of a tortured spirit is the request for nihilist delirium, and the delirium longs for transfixed limbs in a desire of inner revolt.

Visions in altered and changing structures extend to deformations in an absent gaze in the absence of a perspective.

A drive increases itself in a relational approach and narcissistic personality longs for comprehension of its own nihilist delirium.

The paradigm of a tormented body is the transmutation from a comprehension to the absence of the absent in the absent background.
The absent does not pose the being – being the nothingness in a dissimilar being dissimilar from the extreme of the concealed extreme.

The penetration sinks in the abyss in multiple maniacal perversions in non rhythms, and the nervous state changes and sinks in the being of the concealed nothingness in the nucleus of the delirium.

The deconstruction stands for the division and in search of the essence of the nucleus in a frenzy for total self-annihilation.

‘The one who went through the void will see a providential help in any painful sensation, and his main fear will be to devour it, to consume it too fast and to fall again in the state of dispossession of absence from which it had let it out.’

‘The Fall of Time’ E. Cioran.

‘The Depersonalization of the Individual – The crack on a line-margin’ av Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

‘The Depersonalization of the Individual – The crack on a
line-margin’ by Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

Federico Buono

“The crack on a line-margin”
‘The redemptive void
Takes life away from those who dare
In a dazzling recidivist excess
Of a white and luminous death
Now overhears
In individual fatigue
That Cerberus who watches over
At the doors of your personal Inferno.’
From ‘the Fatigue’, Maurizio De mone
In the cold and dark cells of redemption and systematic rehabilitation, one enters an ostensive
world, where perception is nullified on the threshold and in the margin, delineated by the
parameters of an impeding segregation.
The non-belonging plunges the understanding of the acts like something receptive in a prostrating
Transience transfuses the emotional drives in search of a representative belonging.
Representation dilutes the time of showing oneself and appearing under the guise of induced sub-
concatenation of the relation producing depersonalization.
Is the induction the relative form of representation?
We come back to write about the act of induced subordination in coming to terms like an Ipodeo:
And we fix our nihilist research – in an egoist form – here experienced on the line-margin of the
The producing division establishes the criterion of anesthetization when passing beyond the
While settling itself, objective conscience indicates a splitting producing non-belonging:
While going over the threshold of the ‘penal institution’, the non-belonging emerges with the
coming to the surface of visualization and of the concatenation in a space-time orientation:
The link with existential living crumbles in the emerging of the vision of the ‘bars’ and in the act of
Overstepping nods at the derivative time, which complies with the stabilization of the imprisoned
body, and the deconstruction composes the phases of the sequence of redemption and of taking a
‘step ahead’.
The body becomes extraneous when the passing of the line-margin absent to the character of the
constitutive elements of one’s own level of relevance, with the line of the extremity in an
assumption of dependence in making the ‘line’ one’s own limit in the margin of this limit.
The border moves the perceptive assonance in non-realizing:
The division in the correlative poses coexistence and co-presence in a margin of deducible
In establishing depersonalization, the condition of an imprisoned body accentuates the singular
wasting, in favour of sedentary settling of space-time parameters at the exterior of a line that
coexists in the margin of a co-presence.
The affirmation of a sub-induced induction, in what apparent line is it in the margin?
Extreme vision delineates a survey of contraposition between non-appearance and the belonging to
a restructuration and in the sharing of the division between line and margin.
The cognitive construct of overstepping shapes the structuring of the psyche in an articulation of
transience, with criteria of interdependence with the phases of a sequence and consequent to the
modes of the structure of compression and regression of the Individual.
‘The exploration of space is the result of a long evolution, which the subject goes through from a
lying down position, then sitting down and finally standing up, and which allows him to become
aware of his surrounding environment, first by reptation and then by quadrupedalism (“forward on
all fours”), finally by walking: acquiring the march represents its fundamental moment.’
‘Adaptation’ – ‘Psychomotor: 50 key words’, J. C. Coste
Moving oneself ‘beyond’ breaks into a specular identity between an affirmation and the similarity in
affirming oneself as imprisoned body.
The individual deconstruction adheres to the parameters of space-permanence in the belonging of a
line in the extreme of a margin.
The constituted sub-inducing in acts of impeding repression disrupts the expression of one’s own
existential living.
The feeling representing the Ego is marginalized while overstepping the threshold of an extreme,
and the margin restricts slowly and nullifies the radicalism of one’s experiences, by breaking
existence in a deprecating ‘tone’.
The structural content deposes at the appearance of the composite delineation of the line-margin.
The understanding of the line in a margin is the representation of contiguity in the prepared criterion
of preparation in the recondite ravines of the redemptive cells.
The logical structures of definition induce depersonalization in the act of overstepping a
determination of sub-inducing purposes and of critical abilities on emotional-intuitional basis.
The crack occurring when overstepping produces a discontinuous jumping of depersonalization.
The crack impresses total loss of belonging of one’s own being an individual and makes the
adherence to something more than an ‘imprisoned body’ fleeting.
In a compromising siege in the delineation of a given event and in passing the ‘threshold’, the
psycho-obtaining leftover is in the balance, inside the alteration of the structures of knowledge.
The prepared guide that self-produces subordination predicts an axiomatic device of link producing
relative-formal contiguity in arranging the given event.
The actuality of the event composes and decomposes the passage from the threshold to the margin
in a linear extreme.
The experiential ‘definition’ is therefore compressed and strangled in an order in the course and
overcoming of the ‘threshold’:
The threshold is the coexistence in a contemporary co-presence.
The given summary chronicle the space-time deformation in the organic constitution of a symptom
that is necessary to the diagnosis:
The body remains segregated in the remaining bottom of a redemptive cell.
In this way, the formulation of representation makes the depersonalizing effect concrete, in different
phases according to the level of condition of being a ‘detained form’.
The explanatory synthesis forms the individual on the ‘threshold’ and guarantees the understanding
of the transience of a given event, in an interpretative mode that exchanges the given effect with the
actual datum.
By going through the threshold, the ‘language’ is the revelation of the definite loss of one’s own
Overstepping marginalizes the producing effect and delineates the datum-form in establishing
The security in a cognitive existence is broken into countless imaginative deformations.
The immediate actual datum becomes a practical coming back to a replacement of the datum-effect
producing depersonalization.
The drawing-up of deformations intervenes in anaesthetic roles in articulations of relevancy with
the forced-impeding structure.
Overcoming the threshold minimizes the form and criterion of penetration of a compulsory link in
marginalizing a given act.
‘The word guilty introduced to indicate the one who – cum quo res agitum – indicates any person
against whom a judicial proceeding is directed: so in criminal proceedings it indicates the one
against which inquisition is directed, or accusation; and promiscuously it indicates at times the one
who is under investigation sometimes and the prosecution at other times. According to different
systems, this shows clearly that in the juridical language, the word guilty has a quite different
meaning from that it has in common language.
The guilty can be innocent, and it is a serious mistake made out of fatal prevention, to dare
confound the common meaning.’
‘On the Guilty’, ‘Program of the course of criminal law’, F. Carrara.
A given act disavows the trace of symbolic and impeding representation in fractural discontinuity.
The criterion of a compression of symbolizing effects poses – in the margin of overstepping – the
assumption of the principle of a hegemonic and induced-defined phenomenon in a regressing grip:
The actual elaboration of individual disruption introjects and expels the form-guide somatising the
precluded one.
The ejection of a formal datum in the act of definition ‘sign’ poses perspectives of impeding course
inside the body-prisoner:
The compression at the margins of a margin ejects in a continuous becoming the presence-symptom
in the disposition of an underwritten identification of the form-prisoner:
The modifying alteration changes and annexes the progressive inoculating of conformity to
imposed-impeding rules.
What is it that poses the correlation individual in a crack on the line-margin?
The cooptation schematizes the sign underlying the imprisoned body in a deconstruction:
The forced-precluding synapsis is the symptom transmitting the occlusion of an individual.
The condition of stimulating drive propagates the sublimation of intensity on the threshold of an
The sequence of depersonalizing deformation expresses its decreasing contribution.
Is the threshold is a margin determining depersonalization?
In a reflex of intents at the limit of a limit, the linking of events poses speculated responses where
the form-prisoner does not move anything that is not a search for balance in a concatenation of the
given event:
The threshold imposes and spreads a conditioned behavioural reflex, where the concatenation
moves around the extremity of the threshold-margin in a crack.
In a Nihilist-egoist research, a question-non question is asked:
In the cold and dark cell of redemption, is the remaining bottom the accomplished crack on a line-
‘In general adaptation is defined as the ability that an organism has of keeping itself alive and
develop its potentialities in a given environment, as well as recording in a harmless way the
variations of this environment.
Adaptation is therefore a function that prepares the subject to put into action its psychic and motor
skills in order to integrate itself in social-cultural reality, keeping itself there and changing it.’
‘Adaptation’ – ‘Psychomotor: 50 key words’, J. C. Coste

Höns befriade utanför Örkelljunga

“Aktivister besökte natten till den 16 juli 2012 Dalshults Djurfarm utanför Örkelljunga i södra Sverige. De gick in genom en öppen dörr och räddade 180 hönor som utnyttjats hela sina liv av äggindustrin.
Aktionen kommer inte att påverka industrin nämnvärt, farmen kommer inte ens att stänga, men för de 180 individer som räddades betyder den ett liv fritt från förtryck.

För de som lämnades kvar,
-Djurens befrielsefront”

Silvia Guerini släppt!

Silvia Guerini, som var en av de tre kamrater som i april 2010 greps i Schweiz och anklagades, sedermera dömdes för att ha förberett ett bombattentat mot IBM:s nanotekniska forskninganläggning som då var under uppbyggnad, har nu släppts och utvisats till Italien. De fick alla tre mellan 3-4 år, Silvia fick lägst straff och har nu släppts efter att ha suttit blott en tredjedel av sin tid i fängelse.

Constantino Ragusa och Luca Bernusconi sitter fortfarande bakom murarna. Glöm inte bort dem och deras kamper de för tillsammans med oss – de är inte fångar, de är kamrater!

Costantino Ragusa
PF 3143
8105 Regensdorf

Luca Bernasconi
c/o Regionalgefängnis Thun
Allmendstr. 34
3600 Thun

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Skyltsabotage mot cirkus i Vänersborg

Anonymt tips till DVM:

“Aktivister tog ner cirkusaffischer
På onsdag ska Cirkus Maximum göra en föreställning i Vänersborg. Men nu har aktivister slagit till och tagit bort cirkusens affischer i staden.

– De som suttit på lyktstolpar har vi tagit bort och gjort oss av med, säger en anonym aktivist till TTELA.

Affischerna som satts upp på träställningar har man vänt på och på baksidan sprayat “För djuren”. Och det är just djuren gruppen säger sig måna om.

– Vi har valt att plocka ner affischerna för att cirkusen utnyttjar och exploaterar djur som själva inte har någon möjlighet att välja. Det är en svår etisk fråga: Hur mycket har vi rätt att utnyttja djur?

Tanken från aktivisterna är att aktionen ska göra att färre besöker cirkusen och att uppmärksamhet ska väckas kring djurens situation.

Hur många som har varit delaktiga eller exakt varifrån de kommer vill den anonyme aktivisten inte tala om men han säger:

– Vi är från Trestad.

Niklas Johansson”

Behandla oss inte som djur – Pantrarna

Riv Murarna 9-11 november 2012